Holy Communion Kneeling and on the Tongue disciplined.

A mother of two twin young ladies called to tell me she had been scandalized by the action of her bishop at St. Patricks in Ripon California this weekend at Holy mass.  He got upset with them and told them that they were not allowed to receive Holy Communion kneeling down.  The mother of the young ladies defended them.  The bishop told her that he was the representative of Jesus and had to be obeyed because in his diocese he is the boss on liturgical matters.  The mother said no, the Pope is God’s  representative and that she had seen the Pope give Holy Communion to those kneeling on TV.  He was very very upset.  Please pray for all bishops, priests and extraordinary ministers of the Holy Eucharist who discipline those who love Jesus so much that they want to treat Him like He is God and receive Him kneeling.
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 After all we Catholic really do believe that Jesus is God and that He is present, body, blood, soul and divinity in Holy Communion.
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 For this we respect God.