Ohio and Michigan from Catholic to Muslim

On the way from Cincinnati to Detroit along the highway there were two mosques.

So many people are angry that the pope has let us say the Holy Latin Mass and persecute those who love what almost all of the saints prayed at, yet in just several hundred miles I saw two mosques.  All this part of the USA used to be very catholic.  Again with great sadness I have seen all around Cincinnati and on the trip up to Detroit catholic schools, seminaries, churches used by other groups.  There was a beautiful convent along the highway and it was now a government work corp.  I saw a beautiful girls school that is a residence.  Close catholic places and open mosques.  What is wrong.  Believe me I took this picture.   Too bad I did not take pictures of the many, many catholic buildings being used by other non catholic groups.  We need to go back to what made this part of the USA catholic.  That is traditional catholic teaching and the Sacred Holy Mass in Latin.  Muslims are not progressive.  They are very firm in their teachings.  That is why Europe and USA are becoming muslim.  This part of the USA became very progressive in the last 50 years.  Look at the fruits.  Death.