Kinkora Ontario Canada and the Holy Latin Mass

I was pastor for 10 years at St. Patricks in Ripon, Escalon California.  I just left to start an order that will spread the Holy Latin Mass and all the Holy Latin Rites all over the world.
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 So I feel at home here at St. Patricks.  The pastor Fr. Paul Nicholson picked me up in London Ontario where I arrived by Greyhound Bus.  He has been so hospitable.

I said the Holy Latin Mass this morning.  I remind my self that this is the only important thing I will do today.  I get up at 6:30 am, (remember that is 3:30am California time).  Then I do my holy hour; including Pope Leo XIII exorcism prayer in latin for our world and our church.  Our greatest enemy is the devil, and as St. Paul says; “he is roaming about like a lion looking for someone to devourer”.   Watch Out!

On the Greyhound last night, I sat up front.  There were two men from India who had never met each other.  They were both doctors.  Because I wore the cassock, they recognized me as a catholic priest and began asking me all about my catholic faith.  We spent the whole 3 hours discussing Jesus and His Holy Catholic Church.  It was again such a miracle that we were all together and talking about the catholic faith.  Since my brother Benedict and his wife are physicians, my dad is a nuclear engineer and I am a priest, we talked medicine, science and religion.   I was able to begin with Adam and Eve all the way to the miracles of Jesus that proved of His Divinity.  I will later on write in depth about the Catholic Hindu discussion we had.  Just to summarize, I gave them practical reasons for our Catholic beliefs that they repeatedly affirms with medical studies they had scientifically studied.  But the end of the trip, they took my phone # and asked me to pray for them.  I prayed out loud that they would come to know Jesus Christ and be come catholics and be able to get into the residency programs they were both having interviews for.  I also told them not to do abortions.  But they told me they had to.
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 But I hope and pray after the long discussion they will heal life not kill life.