Raining in Cincinnati

Tomorrow plan on leaving for Detroit.
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  It is raining outside but not snowing.  So far the weather has been great.  When we got back to California, a terrible storm hit every place we had traveled through.  Being a missionary for spreading the Holy Latin Mass and trying to get a Catholic Traditional TV station takes a great deal of patience.  I am using this day with Fr. Shannon and Sean to get things done.  Had to get the portable printer working and a case to put it into when traveling.  Calling all the people I am going to try to visit.  Staying in touch with family and friends.
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 I hope to spend the weekend near London Ontario Canada with Fr. Paul Nicholson who is the spiritual support for Michael Voris.  Then on Monday visit the TV studio of Church Militant in Detroit.  Also hope to visit with three seminarians who were in the FSSP.   Have called to set up an appointment with Archbishop Vigneron.  My friends the Burkharts are good friends with him.  He use to be the bishop of Oakland.  I have met him before at the conference celebrating Humanae Vitae 50th anniversary.   Also am going to visit Assumption Grotto where Fr. Perrone celebrates the Holy Latin Mass.  The nuns of Opus Sancturorum Angelorum live there too.

So much good is happening.  We need to look up to heaven and not down to the devil.   The more we try to serve God, the more the devil is going to attack us.  Let us know the devil’s game plan and beat him at it by:

FAITH that God is in charge.

LOVE each other and meditate on God’s love for us, love those who hate us.

HOPE knowing God has great plans for the Holy Latin Mass.  HE LOVES IT.