Closed Catholic Churches

Here in Kentucky on the other side of the river from Cincinnati we saw an abandoned Catholic Church.  Many churches are being closed and sold.  When I was in Lewiston Idaho next to the hospital where I was visiting Dori who lost her baby, I went to pray for her in a church.  That church and two other were being sold.  It was a Holy Place, a consecrated place.  Soon those churches may become discos or bars or restaurants.  I just wonder what God is thinking of His Holy Houses.  Jesus drove the vendors and money changers out of the Temple with a whip and said My Father’s House is a House of Prayer.  That is why we need to be quiet and dress modestly when we go to our Father’s House.  What would Jesus do today.  I know He would not be happy.

Why are the churches being closed and sold off?

Because the people are leaving.  All the modern stuff is not working.

They are told that it is not a mortal sin to miss Holy Mass on Sunday.  They are busy going to the new temple of sports stadiums.  They lost their faith.  They find more entertainment at home on TV than the drums played at Mass.  They believe one religion is as good as another, and the non denominational churches have better preachers, huge screen TVs, Starbucks coffee and comfortable moral chairs.  So the churches close up and no one is doing anything except selling them and putting the money in the bank so that lawyers can take it for all the sex abuse cases that have taken place.   And we keep saying everything is just fine.  No it is not fine.

We Catholics need sacred liturgies that do not entertain, but give adoration to God.  We need churches where instead of us, God is honored.  Catholics want to hear the truth even if it makes them mad.  Teenagers hate their parents for rules, but when they mature, they thank them for loving them so much as to not having given in.  Now they are successful young men and women because of their parents strict rules.

Every rule, every commandment from God, in fact the whole Bible, is written out of Love by the God who created us and knows us better than we know ourselves.  Isn’t it true that teenagers and younger kids think that that know way better how to live their lives than their parents?  Have these kids really gone through all the experiences their parents have?  Have they the wisdom old people have?

Before old people, parents, priest, teachers, and police were respected.  I heard a homily that we do not want to go back to the Latin Mass because it is going backwards.  Today I saw many drug addicts on the streets of Cincinnati.  It greatly disturbed me and I wondered what I could do to save them.  I do want to go back to the time of my youth when God, priests, parents, old people were respected.  I want to go back to the safety of those days when there was little drug addiction, little crime, you could leave your house unlocked, kids ran around on the streets safely, there was very little divorce and believe it or not, Bishop Sheen was the most popular TV program on.  Now we have school shootings, abortions by the millions, and single parents with mixed up kids living in poverty.  On the plane out from California to EWTN, next to me was a preview for a movie, “Can you have sex and not fall in love”.

I do want to go back and I am doing something about it.  The church tried going back to what the protestants did in an imaginary early Christianity, the old liturgies, last supper, and community.  How do we really know what the early Catholic’s liturgies were.  These “suppose to be how it was” liturgies are not converting people.  If they were, the churches would be full and we would not have to be closing and selling them off.  I heard that in Boston they will be closing HALF of all the churches there.  Their so called “going back” has failed.

When the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was in Latin, the churches were full.  I know, I went to Holy Mass then and I celebrate Holy Mass today 2013.  Let’s be honest, the experiment did not work.  Young people all over the world are tired of entertainment Masses and are loving and working to have the Holy Latin Mass again.  I saw the seminarian list for the diocese here.  Almost all of them were middle age or older men.  In the Latin Mass the seminarians are very young.  1+1 still = 2