Tradition has the Answer and gives Joy

Continuously we hear bad news about the Catholic Church and the world around us.  Why does it bother us?  Precisely, because we care.  We love our Church, we love people, we love the poor and we love our families.  Otherwise we would just ignore the problems, indulge in self pleasures and forget about the rest.  No; we love, we care.  So we take abuse from those who judge us and who do not see or may not care to see the root of the problem.  They think that if  the Church becomes more tolerant and accepting of the modern world and its values like homosexual marriage, letting catholics married in the Church marrying again, birth control, woman’s rights to kill the baby in the womb and what ever is popular in society today everything will be good again.  That is why we have the president we have, because catholics are just like what Hollywood has sold them on what is moral.

A huge divide in the Catholic Church is between those who are for “Social Justice” and those they perceive as just concerned about doctrine.  Well 30 years ago I started St. Francis Catholic Kitchen and Jesus, Mary and Joseph Home in Santa Cruz, California.  I have every year gone and work with the poor in Mexico.  I invited nuns from Chile to come to Mexico and gave them a place to stay.  These wonderful nuns have opened a large free hospital for the dying and clinics for the sick.  The main persons who supplied them with the 8 million dollars for constructing the clinic and hospital ( and I know them personally) are conservative catholics connected with Regnum Christi of the Legionaries of Christ in the USA and Mexico.  

As I said yesterday, seeing all the young drug addicts roaming the streets of Cincinnati, we care.  But we dare to ask why has the devil taken over the lives of these young people?  Up till I left my parish of St. Patricks in Ripon California, I would go every month to the Juvenile Hall.  Why are so many young men and women locked up.  When I would ask how many times they had been in Juvenile Hall, I was always shocked at the repeat cycle they fall into, 6 or 7 times.  What is wrong with this picture?  Do we see?  Do they see?

Working 12 years with the homeless and mentally ill, I learned the cause of poverty is SIN.  I challenge anyone to work as long as I have and disagree with my hypothesis, that sin causes poverty.   Most homeless and mentally ill that I worked with came from broken homes.   Most abused alcohol and drugs.  Greed too causes poverty in Mexico and the Philippines where I have worked with the poor.
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 Over and over again I saw that the father who had a problem with alcohol caused his family to be much poorer than all the other families.  Laziness causes poverty.  Corruption in the Government causes poverty.  Wars cause poverty, especially civil war and causes the huge national debt.  It all boils down to sin and the devil.  The devil wants young people destroyed and in prison rather than living their lives to serve JESUS and extend His Kingdom.

More than two thirds of the people in prison are men.  Why is that?  Because men are made so different from women.
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 These men should be out defending the Holy Catholic Church and women and their kids.  Instead the devil keeps them locked up or chained to addictions.

Let us begin to battle with the devil and win by Jesus working through the Holy Latin Mass.  Don’t forget the devil hates latin.  Then praying and working with families so that they stay united in Jesus’ love.  Asking the Holy Spirit to bring healing and communication in every marriage today.  Broken families hurt the kids terribly; if you do not believe me, ask the kids from divorced families.   Let us turn away from sin and alcohol and drug abuse.  Men need to stop violence against women.  

So in all this we have Joy because we know that God is working with us and loves us.  We have Joy because we are making a difference to fight against the evils of the world.  Traditional teaching and morals are what the world needs to correct itself.  We know what the medicine is that is needed help society, government, the youth and the poor.  So we are doing our part and are sure of success.  Tradition teaches what works and doesn’t work.  We are happy to do our part and let God do the rest.  If we fight sin, we fight poverty.