Christ is KING

What a beautiful feastday of Joy and Humility.  I was blessed by the holy Magi to celebrate the Holy Latin Mass at the Abbey of Christ the King.  It was full and the people were so loving.  Ran into someone who knew me when I was at St. Judes in Ceres.  It was great to be at Christ the King Abbey when we celebrate the kings coming to adore THE KING.

Preached on the humility of these rich and important Magi.  We know they had to be rich and important or king Herod would not have taken serious their visit.  The were so important, that all of Jerusalem was upset by them asking where the KING was to be born.  But these rich important Magi humbled themselves and prostrated in adoration in front of the New Born King Jesus.  We are so full of pride that we do not want to kneel down.  Are we richer, more important than these Magi?  Why does adoring Jesus get people so mad?
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Jesus’ divinity was hidden in His humanity just as He is hidden in the Holy Communion.  Why can’t we humble ourselves like the Magi and prostrate before Him in the Blessed Sacrament.  Why do priest and bishops punish people for kneeling to receive the King of Kings when the magi prostrated themselves.  It will not be funny when they die and go before the Awesome presence of God.  We need to humble ourselves like the Magi while we live, it will be too late to humble ourselves after death.

Another great lesson from today’s feast is that God works in our human events.  God led the Magi to find Jesus.  God warned them not to return to king Herod.  God is leading us too in this new year to His Home in Heaven.

As I travel around, it gives me more appreciation of what the Magi had to sacrifice to find Jesus.  It takes sacrifice to travel to find Jesus everyday in our lives.
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 But what Joy when we do find Him.

Friends of mine gathered a lot of toys for this day of the Kings and sent them to an orphanage in Mexico.  I got them all together and off went the gifts to the poor.  They found Jesus in the poor children. Thank You for doing that.