Do you really believe you are a son or daughter of God?

Who is God?  A very important question.  At the airport in San Francisco a car parked in front of us with  a bumper sticker that said;  “I am a Goddess”.  I wanted to ask her to do some miracle for me to prove it.  God created us, loves us, created family love, created the Catholic Church, and created all of the splendor of the universe.  God created the world of grace given through the sacraments.  So thank you God.  But we tend to only look at ourselves and think like that lady, that we gods.

Worshiping at the Holy Latin Mass makes sure we realize God is God and we are not.  At this Holy Mass all is centered on adoration of God.  This solemnity protects our belief in God.  Why else would we go to such measures to celebrate this sacred liturgy. It is said in the sacred language of latin only used for God, the priesst holds his index fingers together after the consecration so not a particle of the consecrated host will fall, the silence and so much kneeling.  Yes when you participate and adore God in the Sacred Latin Mass, you know He is God and you are His son and daughter.  What a great gift to become a child of God through baptism.   When you put God in His proper place, and adore Him, He lifts you up to that divine dignity that He is offering to us freely.

If at church we have the community as the focal point; they can love us, they can encourage us, and all that is good, but in the end they are still only human.  When we have great cathedrals, grand altars, booming organs, golden vessels, and bells, we are literally pulled up to God.  We are reminded of our great value.  The more we respect God the more we will respect ourselves and those around us.

As we celebrate Epiphany on January 6th, let us adore as the Magi did.  They went home full of joy because they no longer thought about their small kingdoms and lives, but Jesus’ kingdom of humility, love and self giving.  As we in our own ways prostrate before the tiny King, may we feel part of His Loving Kingdom and family.  We are His sons and daughters.