Like Wild Fire of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit

I haven’t quite changed to the traditional Holy Ghost since I like the latin Spiritus.  In working on the religious order to spread the Holy Latin Mass and other Catholic Rites through prayer, instruction, pictures and travel, I have found so many people interested.  What I have found too are people who absolutely HATE the Holy Latin Mass.  Pope Benedict asked the question; “How can something held Sacred and part of the Catholic Faith for hundreds of years be held in contempt??????????????????  I do not get it.  But the great news is that the Traditional Catholicism is a wild fire that is being spread by the wind of the Holy Spirit.  In spite of the persecution, the powers of hell working against it, it is touching the hearts of the youth all over the world where they are exposed to it.  It tends to be the older people who have such hate for the Holy Latin Mass.  Yes; everyone says they can’t understand Latin.  Yes; they say they are not actively involved.  Yes; they say they can’t see father.  But can’t we just give one hour of adoration to God who is the generous Giver of all things.

We live in the world that new is always better.  Are we evolving to be better Catholics?  Where is the scientific evidence?????  What is going on where they are selling off more and more churches?????  Where are the vocations.  Most priest are OLD.  Most nuns are OLD.  Most people at mass are OLD.  If it were not for the immigration of Mexicans, the Catholic Churches would be very very EMPTY, the catechism classes EMPTY, the schools EMPTY.  Let us humbly admit we need to evaluate seriously what has gone WRONG.