Holy Name of Jesus and Holy Communion

As a priest celebrating many Novus Ordo Masses, I have seen many people receiving Holy Communion with great faith and devotion.  But I have seen many others who seem to have no idea WHO they are receiving.  Standing in line and handing out God in Holy Communion is just like any other HAND out.  Then is nothing to distinguish Who you are receiving.  Just a short time ago after a wedding someone bought me a HOST they had found on the ground.
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 Apparently that person had no idea WHO they were receiving.  Recently my friends told me that if they wear a vail or kneel to receive God in Holy Communion, their priest just gives it to them without saying Body of Christ.  People who show RESPECT for Jesus in the Holy Communion are so often DISRESPECTED.  Thank God Pope Benedict demands that each person receiving Holy Communion from him has to kneel and receive God on the tongue.

What does this have to do with the Holy Name of Jesus.  As were read in the readings at Holy Mass today from Acts, Peter says the crippled man was healed by proclaiming the name of JESUS.  So if there is so much sacredness and power just in His Name, imagine the sacredness and power in His presence in Holy Communion.

You who kneel for receiving Jesus Christ in Holy Communion and are screamed at (as I have often personally witnessed) rejoice and be glad for your reward will be great in Heaven.  All knees will bend in heaven, on earth and in hell at the Name of Jesus.  When non catholic visitors come to a Holy Mass and observe people kneeling reverently to receive God, they take note and will not be so quick to go up and receive God.  Then it will be less likely that we will be finding so many Holy Host on the floor in churches.
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 This is why it is so wonderful that now, and for hundreds of years before, in the Holy Latin Mass all reverently receive God kneeling and on the tongue.             WISE MEN STILL ADORE JESUS IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT