Traveling to spread the Holy Latin Mass again.

Friday I leave to EWTN and continue to make connections with places that are happy about the pope’s Summorum Pontificum and  Universae Ecclesiae.  After meeting with the community at Mother Angelica’s Shrine in Hanceville, I will go to see Fr. Sean and Fr Shannon.  Then hope to go to visit and support Michael Voris and his supporter Fr. Paul Nicholson.  Then to where ever the Holy Spirit guides me.  On this trip it is hard to discern where and when to go.  But through prayer and open doors I hope I am doing God’s will.  Over the last month I never had to stay in a Hotel or eat in a restaurant thanks to the hospitality of friends, seminaries, and monasteries.
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 It is very hard traveling and living out of the suitcase.  But it is worth while meeting and connecting with all the loving people who care so much about the Church, the ancient liturgy and Truth.
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 They are young and full of life and passion.  Let us be encouraged.