Eternal New Year in God’s Time

A great deal of celebration happens every December 31st. and January 1st.  So we are happy to have a new year with all kinds of New Year’s resolutions.  These HOLYdays have been wonderful as we have celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ and now are celebrating the New Year of the LORD 2013.  If only everyone realized that they were celebrating the New Year counting from the birth of Jesus Christ.  During these cold, dark winter days, Jesus gives to the world JOY, Gifts, Christmas decorations, colored lights, Time Off and family gatherings.  Of course most people enjoy these gifts with out knowing the reason for the season, Jesus’ birthday.  But for us Catholic Christians we appreciate these gifts along with the significant religious celebrations on a very deep level.  Christ’s birth is not just a happy memory, it is a powerful reality to be lived out every day.   Last night a large group of us prayed the Rosary to thank God for last year.  We prayed it in front of the Manger scene.  Jesus is made out of plaster, but His true presence was felt.  Little kids kept gazing at the figures made of plaster, but they could feel the power of the mystery as they stayed quiet and still as we prayed.  They would stand up the little figurines that had toppled over.  They wanted the order and beauty that Jesus birth represents.  Thank You Jesus for BECOMING FLESH AND DWELLING AMONGST US.

Time and eternity intertwine when you have faith in God.  We have a new year and yet we know there is no time for God.  We count, He is.  So eternity is here now as we enter into God’s loving presence.  When we go to The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we enter into the ONE and only Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Jesus offering His life on the Cross once and for all to His Father and our Father to expiate for our sins.
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 That is why silence and reverence are so important.
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 They help us enter into eternal reality with God, Mary, the Angels, all the saints and souls in purgatory.  We enter this reality with all adoring Catholics through out the whole world.  If only we understood.  Then we leave and go out into time again, praying and loving and hoping for a better world.  Each one of us are instruments in God’s Eternal plan.  We pray to discern God’s will and complete it in this eternal New Year.  We may not understand what God’s will is exactly or how to complete it.  But we are trying to Serve Him and Love Him.  That is enough.  He will use us in a great way in spite of our smallness, selfishness and lack of certainty as to what is His will.  We try, He completes.