Traditional male altar servers = vocations to the Priesthood

Because in the Tridentine rites the altar servers have to be males the amount of traditional vocations to the priesthood is very strong and raising.  But also just ordinary seminarians and religious are becoming more and more in line with Catholic teaching.  What good news.  In spite of their uphill battle, they are hanging in there and multiplying.
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The Dominican Sisters of Ann Arbor Michigan are a good example.  There are two young women that are from my old parish who are VERY interested in joining them.  That is just two that I personally know.  They are discovering this on the internet.  I never told them about it.  (Yes I agree that the new generation is too much connected to cyberspace.)  But the great thing about it is that there is no longer the problem of being misled by liberals.  They just go right to the source itself and bingo, they are acting.  Let us pray for many holy and happy vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Pope John Pau,l shortly before he died, said that “Altar boys are the school to the priesthood”.   In this time of Christmas we see the great vocation of Mary the giver of Jesus to the world.  Women are so important.  We appreciate you holy mothers.
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 What a sacrifice to take care of you children.   Thank you mom.  Thank you sisters who bring Jesus presence where ever you work or go.  Thank you Sisters who wear the habit.  Thank you.