Holy Innocent’s Feast Day

So much violence in the world today.  Who is the cause of violence?  The devil is.  He works today as he did at the birth of Jesus Christ.  How heavy our hearts are at all the continual abortions going on.  Bloody massacres of innocent life.  It is easy to get rid of the problem of an unwanted pregnancy by “getting it fixed”.  But as the slaughter children at the bloody hands of King Herod are in heaven forever, so some day all mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers will have to meet the unwanted child when they die.  The problem went away, but only till they meet this child after death.  There will be the question; why did you take my opportunity to live away at the very beginning of my life?  Hopefully we are happy that our parents let us live.  Hopefully we are thankful to them and God for this opportunity to enjoy this beautiful life.  So the devil’s main goal is to kill and destroy life.
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 But we too are his helpers when we allow ourselves to support violence.

But the devil lost when the angel appeared in a dream to St. Joseph and told him to take Jesus and His mother into Egypt.  God is protecting us too.  We need to heed the voice of God spoken in our hearts by His messengers, the angels and act.  God is on the side of life.  He is the creator of all life.  He is Life.