St. John the beloved friend of Jesus

Today we celebrate the feast of St. John the Apostle.  He is called in his gospel the beloved disciple.  Beloved.  What a beautiful name.  Beloved by Whom.  Yes Jesus.  And yet each one of us is called into a loving relationship with Jesus too.
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 What is the difference between St. John and us.  Purity of intention and youth.  St. John was a very young follower of Jesus and still knew how to simply be a friend.  Children can simply love.  They may not know how to express their love, but never the less they do a much better job of simply loving than adults do.
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 Yes they are selfish too, but not so self absorbed as adults, not so possessive in their friendships.  I ask kids if they have friends.  Almost always the answer is; many friends.

Why can’t we rest our weary lonely heads on the breast of Jesus?  He won’t hurt us.  He won’t betray us.  He will only ask that we be sincere in our love for Him.  If we love Jesus and want the intimacy that only He can offer, we need to purely love Him.  Many people feel lonely at this time of the year.  The nights are long.  Yet right now there is a loving friend waiting for our friendship.  We can not see Him, feel His embrace, or hear His loving voice.  But if we reach out in faith, He will be a true friend who will shower His Love on us.  May we rest our weary and lonely head on the Heart of Jesus and just be.  We do not have to say anything, or feel anything.  Just stay resting on His breast in His Divine Love.