St. Stephen’s Martyrdom

So shortly after the festivities and joys of Christ’ birth comes such a drastic contrast, the stoning to death of St. Stephen.  As yesterday was accompanied by King Herod’s violence, so today we see the end of the story, or as it may seem, the first martyr for love of the King of Kings.  But if we look into the scriptures, we see what the baby Jesus won for His friend Stephen, an opened heaven where he will reign with Jesus forever.  I find it very interesting how St. Stephen tells it like it is, and forces the evil to show its true face, rushing as one, to destroy this angelic young man.   It is clear that the true face is shown when confronted with TRUTH.  What monsters of violent hate.  Where is the Love.  And St Stephen forgives these evil persons exactly as Jesus did on the cross.  St. Stephen preached like Jesus and died like Jesus.  But he also reigns with Him in Love and Glory forever.

We see how St. Stephen lived the truth and did great miracles.  We see that he spoke the truth in all calmness.  We see how he died secure in the vision he was shown of his final reward.  Let us try to live lives of purity and holiness like St. Stephen.  Let us be brave and willing to speak words of truth in love.  And let us look forward to the free gift the baby Jesus brought us on Christmas day, a glorious place with Him for ever in Heaven.