Proof that Baby Jesus is God

The Bible tells us that Jesus, with the Father, created all things visible and invisible.  And that all things exist in Him.
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 O.K.  Prove it.  Well how can you explain that this tiny baby born in poverty would continue to effect history and hearts if He was not God.  It is absolutely impossible for any human person to effect so much of history, discoveries, and personal conversions if it were not for His Divinity.  All odds were against Him from the beginning.  He was nothing more than a poor man in an obscure part of the world, and look who He is now.  Jesus continues to turn evil hearts into Loving Hearts.
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As we celebrate the 8 days of Christmas solemnities, let us continue to meditate on this mystery.  A tiny baby became such a threat to King Herod that he had to slaughter hundreds of babies.  How strange that such a bloody reaction took place.  How can a simple child cause such an outburst of violence.  But is was not just King Herod at work, but also the devil.  It reminds me too of the violent reactions against the Holy Latin Mass.  Bishops, priest and people react so violently against such a simple Holy thing.  Why?  What is going on?  Because they may have to kneel and receive Jesus on the tongue?  What is so horrible about that.  Didn’t the Kings or Magi prostrate and adore the hidden God in the Baby Jesus.  Two different reactions, King Herod’s, anger, fear, violence and murder of babies,  and the three kings, prostration and adoration.  Which kings do we wish to imitate.

Jesus is hidden, as he was in Bethlehem, in the Holy Communion.  The Holy Latin Mass is so much about adoring Jesus.   Come let us adore Him.