Sacrifices of Love for Our Holy Church

Don Pietro Leone Monselice from Italy wrote an excellent paper on exactly what is the problem we are facing in the Church today.  You can read it on Rorate Ceali.  I would advise printing it up and sharing it with anyone who can see that we need God’s help for Holy Church today.  My brother is a doctor.  First step to help healing start is the correct diagnosis of the illness, then a plan of medical treatment.  Things then can start to get better.   Diagnosing the problem is not easy.

In a brief summary what he is saying is that we have double talk in the Church.
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 Vatican II states that Latin is to maintained and held in highest esteem and then there are many documents directing to implement use of the vernacular when ever it is pastorally needed.  The Holy Mass is called a commemoration of the last supper as Luther believed, but also referred to as a sacrifice.   Jesus is the savior of the world but He works in mysterious ways without need of knowing him.  Jesus works through the Holy Sacraments, the Church is the sacrament to the world, but all who try to do God’s will are saved.  These are true to a certain sense but totally confusing and contradictory.  We need clear definitions and explanations.   We need to be those who help the Church articulate clear teaching that do not water down the Deposit of Faith handed on from the Apostles.  And this is where the sacrifices come in.  We will be persecuted for asking for purer definitions and teaching.

Another thing he brings up is that most Catholic doctrines are just ignored, like Hell, Purgatory, and Sin.  In all love we need to share all our Catholic teachings, not just the social justice issues.  As said before, all poverty and suffering come from one root, SIN.  We get rid of the sins like greed, divorce, drug and alcohol abuse, and wars, we get rid of the majority of our social problems.  Christ came into a cold world.  Most hearts have grown cold.  We need to start in the Soul.   Let His healing love enter our hearts by repenting and welcoming Him to take possession of our hearts.  Then let us be prophets that are willing to tell the truth and not be politically correct in a sick world.  Let us diagnose the problems and get on with the medical plan to health again.
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