Christmas Joy

No matter what, we have reason for GREAT JOY this Christmas.  Why do we love God and  His Holy Catholic Church so much?  It is because we believe that Jesus is God and came and dwelt among us.  Today, just as much, as Christmas 2012 years ago.  HE is truly present in the Holy Eucharist as much so as when He was present in the stable.  So we do believe and that is why we defend Jesus and His Holy Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  We tend to get discouraged with the condition of the Church and the world.  But again we need to do a reality check and see we CARE because we BELIEVE.   But again who do we believe in?
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 In our God who is active and present in our lives.  He is even more so working for us who deeply love Him.

May each of us cleanse our souls so as to prepare a holy dwelling place for Jesus to be welcomed into.  Jesus has very few pure, love filled and holy souls where He can come and be loved.
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 My our souls be one of those places this Holy Christmas.