God and Technology

Traveling around to do God’s work of spreading love for the Sacred, the Traditional, technology has been very important.  Yesterday we could never have found Clear Creek Monastery if it had not been for the GPS.  But it takes a lot of lugging around of a computer, camera, cell phone, cables to charge them, and to connect them.  Thank you to all the people that helped me with the computer and cell phone and other necessary things.  One thing you learn is to keep them charged at all times.  We even have a small Verizon Samsung.  See this blog had to be updated because the internet failed.  Nothing is perfect.  I also purchased a portable printer, but do not have the cable I need to connect to the computer.  Leave that and all things in the hand of God, Mary and the Holy Angels.

These last days of Advent are important to prepare for the Birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ.  No rushing, shopping and stressing.  Just interior reflection and prayer like Mary did.  Simple but hard in this upside down world.