Hope for the World

Celebrated Holy Mass at 5:30 this morning to be able to attend Rorate Mass at 6:30 with the Seminarians.  Rorate Mass is in the dark and only candle light.  They chanted the Holy Mass and you can imagine the heavenliness of this experience.  Every seminarian and priest here are so polite and smiling.
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 That takes discipline to be cheerful and loving at all times.  You know what I mean.  Let us try to be more loving and cheerful even though life is very difficult at times.

Had a great talk with Fr. Shannon Collins on the phone this morning.  He is so encouraging.  I really enjoyed the article Fr. Sean wrote on the Virgin of Guadalupe.  He sure did bring a great deal of important points all together.  The nuns at Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph came out of the Cristeros.  They come from Guadalajara and have a huge painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe in their parlor.  They are connected with the Carmel of Cristo Rey in San Francisco and of course the new foundation in Moraga California.

Let us continue to remind ourselves that Prayer works.  God is listening.  God is Powerful.