Diocese of Lincoln

When I talked to Mother Agnes at Jesus, Mary and Joseph’s Carmel, she told me about the Vicar General of this diocese of Lincoln.  So I called and went to talk with him.  He was very kind, respectful and understanding.  They have a new bishop everyone loves, Bishop Conley.
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 But he told me no, because many people come asking them to support a new order and that 97 % or more fail.  I said I understand that what I am trying to do is impossible, but nothing is impossible for God.  Anyway we had a great talk and I told him to watch out about the modesty crisis.
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 He also informed me about the school massacre and said that it was horrible, but also abortion is horrible too and few even care about that.

These horrors beg the question????, why is there so much violence and problems in the world.  Precisely because we Catholics are not being the Holy Soul of the world.  We are not speaking up about God’s Laws and what pleases God.  We continue to try to please ourselves and others.  It is not working.  So we pray and try to do God’s will everyday of our lives.  Please God, bring good, starting with us, out of these evil events.  Help us wake up to reality and be holy.  May our actions never add to the evil of today’s society.  Amen.