Traditional Latin Mass in Grangeville Idaho

Every morning at 7 AM, I am celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at St Peter and Paul in Grangeville Idaho.  Thank God and Mary that the pastor is kind enough to let me say the Holy Mass in his church.  Around 50 people attended yesterday and today around 30.  There is a lot of division here between the Latin Mass community and the Society of Pius X.

I am still looking for a ride to Wyoming and also looking at some cars to buy and drive.  As I work on my missionary work of spreading news and support for the Holy Mass, I know it will be very difficult to get permission to say the Holy Mass because the pastors ask for a letter from my bishop to his bishop.  That will take a great deal of time and planning ahead.  Right now I have a the letter from my bishop to St. Patricks saying I am in good standing with the diocese.  So the liberal bishops and pastors can stop you from saying the Holy Mass by these requirements.  But God will help as He did here and I may just have to say a private Holy Mass on my own in the places I stay.  I am very hopeful that all things will go well and not without some difficulties of course.  Today the feast of St. Francis Xavier, we are reminded how important missionary work is.  St Francis Xavier, pray for my work and all who are sharing the Gospel and the whole Catholic faith. Amen.