Idaho Mission

Yesterday flew from Sacramento to Lewiston Idaho.  Then off to Cottonwood Idaho.  Today, Sunday, I said the Holy Latin Mass in Grangeville Idaho.
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 Here are some of the kids who attended.  We had lunch together with these home schooling families and discussed the struggle to get the Holy Latin Mass in this area.  The bishop says that because there is such a need just for the english Mass that they can not have the Holy Latin Mass.  My God; how sad that there are so many people desiring the Holy Latin Mass and no where to go other than 3 hours away.   Let us pray and write to Ecclesia Dei, the Papal Nuncio in Washington D.C. and our bishops on a constant basis.  But above all, PRAY PRAY PRAY.

I will next go to Wyoming College in Lander Wyoming to visit the college and old friends.  I still need to find a ride there.  Have to have faith in God and Mary to get me together with who ever they want me to connect with.  Hopefully my friend Jesus will meet me in Wyoming and go from there to the Carmelite Monastery in Cody Wy.