We Have Seen His Star.

For we have seen His star in the east: and are come to adore him. Matt :2,2.

For this was I born, and for this came I into the world, that I should give testimony to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth heareth my voice. John 18:37-38

We have seen the Epiphany star to the Infant King, His holy mother and the Holy Family.

What more do we need?   

Looking back at the last month in the liturgy of Holy Church,  The Feast of the Nativity, the feast of St. Stephen, St. John the Apostle and the Holy Name and the Epiphany and Holy Family, all of these are the many feasts of this season,  before the taking down of the Nativity scene on February 2nd.  This misguided and unhappy world: it acts as if it has only one day to celebrate Christmas. It has turned its back on the joy of the Lord’s unbounded generosity and the sweet yoke of His law.

If you fix your eyes on the Infant King in the Nativity scene, looking up at His pure mother and Queen of Heaven, as well as St. Joseph, the silence of that moment can fix anything in your life.  For mine, there are many things to fix. Simply meditating on the Nativity scene is all that is needed upon receiving the King of souls at the holy mass.

After the glorious Christmas day, came December 26th, the feast of St. Stephen, who died from rocks thrown upon him. Throwing rocks was perhaps the fit of the demons,  distraught over the foundation stone of holy Church, the rock of Peter.

A rock is a stubborn thing. When broken,  it only makes more rocks. Such was the fruit of the sacrifice of  St. Stephen:  on his stoning,  the Church multiplied in size.

After St. Stephen gives testimony to the Truth, came the feast of St. John the Apostle,  December 27th. He is the Apostle of love. This apostle loved so much that when he drank the poison wine, he did not die.

The wicked one tries to poison our love for God.

What is this poison today? It is the age-old malady: sin and error pining.

What error is pining in the mind of so many today? It is false ideology and heresies.  The poison wine of false religions, modernism and particularly the false belief of indifferentism:  all religions are pleasing to God. 

The one, holy Catholic and apostolic Church propagates the Faith, including the doctrine of the Papacy, the Primacy of Peter. This is one of the elements of Truth for which Christ came into the world.

The True Faith is not optional for Catholics to believe. it is the mouth piece of the Most High. It is the Testimony to the Truth for which Our Infant King came. It is that Truth which the soul’s intellect is required to know and assent to.

If you have any doubts about this, and need a correction of your mind,  see this excellent link here .

There is this pernicious and prevalent error today, by those who strive to be Catholic but deviate seriously on the issue of the papacy. They recognize the papacy as a mere figurehead, a mere title — but resist the one they call the pope.

This is a false theology, and worse because it purports to be Catholic.  To some, the Primacy of Peter is something that is impossible and therefore  optional. Again, see the link above or check out this one here.

But yet, it was for this Truth, He came,  and we have seen His star. We can not accept only a portion of the testimony that Our Lord was born, lived and suffered for us to know. We must accept all. This Truth is taught to us by the Church.

Even an erroneous follower of Martin Luther will tell you this much, assuming they understand their own deviation from the Catholic Church:  to be Catholic is to be devoted to the pope. 

So therefore, was I to be a Catholic, who recognized a pope, but yet “resists” the pope?

Try telling a Jehovah Witness who comes to your door. “We resist our pope.” Usually.  if your story can not hold up in simple terms, as if said to a child, it does not hold up.

Lets admit that there has never before been a large scale “brand” of Catholic religion to be considered Recognize and Resist, with their own seminaries, chapels and schools. True?

There are false religions that are founded on this exact premise: resisting lawful authority of the Church- these religions are called Protestant religions.

There are so many of these factions of false religion deceiving and ruining  souls by starvation from Truth; souls which could otherwise have been, and may still convert before the end of time, to become stellar Catholics.

To any honest outsider to all this madness, a religion which rejects the  doctrine of the Primacy of Peter, but calls itself Catholic, is not Catholic – in spite of laying claim to the illustrious name.    

Those who claim to be friends of Christ and His Church, but are not, they are even the more dangerous to our eternal salvation. The Satanic Temple, for example, is an organization that probably does not have a deceptive name. So-called Catholics in high places, they deceive by their name, committing spiritual theft of identity, and theft of means.

So, on December 27th when the Feast of St. John the Apostle came, who loved so much that poison wine did not end his life, I got to thinking.

The false religions, the anti-Catholic “brands” of Catholicism, these are the poison wine.

I drank three of them.  I could have died.  I did not die, but things in my life did. The unity of my marriage on a natural level broke and disorder ensued, and yet with the Truth and divine grace, there is always resurrection on the horizon.

These false religions which mimic Catholicism are the worst spiritual poison. They fool those seeking the True Faith, whose eyes are set on heaven if they receive the good wine.

The three most prevalent poison wines I drank were:.

    1. Novus Ordite as a child. Modern church with tabernacle on the side. “Mom, what is that little box way over there?”
    2. Recognize and Resist, (SSPX).   
    3. Traditionalist Novus Ordite to be “in union” with the Roman betrayers and crucifying soldiers: aka  “Fraternity of Peter”.

A few things happened that are beyond the scope of this blog that led me to the True Church. One of them is that a true priest used the word Truth.

I am serious.  No priest had ever used that word before, and I thought I was a daily communicant for years.

In my experience, nobody in the R&R, Fraternity, or Novus used the word Truth.

And at that time it was not a coincidence that I read and discovered my favorite passage from Sacred Scripture and have been repeating it ever since:

   For this was I born. For this come I into the world. To give testimony to the truth. Those who are of the truth hear my voice. John 18:37-38

Knowing Our Lord died to give us Truth, that He was King and the Son of God, I realized Truth was important.  At 55, I decided to look for it.

I had been a serious Catholic 15 years prior, often praying all decades of the rosary, the Stations and almost daily mass. I thought I was Catholic just attending different places where the Latin Mass was offered, and I had never really thought I needed to explore Truth because I thought I was getting it just to be baptized Catholic and do things Catholics do, or not do things Catholics are not supposed to do. However, praying and rereading Baltimore Catechism helped me discover Truth, along with Denzinger: Sources of Catholic Dogma. I went back to the basics, while I was homeschooling.

In my search, someone peaked my interest more, when they said ” I am not a theologian, I only know love.”

Is that so? Can I love, that which I do not know?

I can use what I don’t know. If it makes me feel good, I may use many things.  In this harried and intensified world of information, Gregorian Chant, incense and quiet, are appealing at times, for anyone over 40 at least. So I realized, that my well-meaning friend was actually saying,  I don’t need to really know the truth, I just want to “love” or be loved.  It sounded very… shallow. But I was just as culpable, never even thinking about the notion of divine truth in this world of man-made diversity of beliefs, making false claim to the name Catholic.

I have since affirmed in my intellect, there is only one Truth. The star in the east led to the Truth, and the True Testimony came into the world for us to hear His voice.

So, fast forward about one year, here I am below, having found Truth and  survived poison wine. There are three bottles of wine to my left. I realized then and there that these bottles represented Novus Ordo, SSPX and FSP, while getting wine blessed on the Feast of St. John to Apostle, December 27th. 

Before finding the Truth, I drank these poison drinks with fairly good intentions. Like Jonestown, the wine was sweet, cool, colorful. But each had the drop of poison: error. 

All sin begins in the mind. An error of the mind can work like poison. It can end your mortal and immortal life if not cured in time. Build a highway overpass and be off by a few centimeters and things could go badly. Errors in medication dosage, or chemical compounds, off by a letter can truly impact the outcome. Be it engineering or science, or even literature, errors have consequences and not all of them can be solved by spell-check. A response to a marriage proposal that is only one word off “yes versus no” can change a life. Errors, in religion are no different and have eternal consequences.  

Admittedly, this is a scary thought. Eve decided in her mind, to try the apple. Just one error. just one bite. 

It is frightfully hard to leave a cult – which is what a false religions is.

When you break from a false religion, if it is not the Church no matter what it calls itself, are you in schism from the Catholic Church, or then in the Church? What makes the Church the Church is not the assembly of individuals, but the holy Truth for which Our Lord came into this dark world and left us a teaching, ruling and sanctifying Church to save our souls. One Church, not many. 

Again, if you break from union with false Catholicism to assent to true Catholicism, isn’t that something good? Or. do you need to be seated in the buildings owned and operated by the false religion claiming to be Catholic, in order to be Catholic?

Those who are in a dead religion will tell you, you have left us, and will do anything to frighten you into believing, that if you leave this place, you will surely die. This is what a cult does, it scares you into thinking, if you leave, you will die. If you stay, you will have life eternal. But only One Church can accurately make this claim. 

Some do not care what false dogmas they are nestled among or tacitly approving by silence. Those are not of concern, what matters is, you belong. You belong to this natural assembly, and maybe it is even an assembly that enjoys exterior beauty, with incense, chant and vestments, regardless of the error that it propagates. No matter that the foundation is cracked, the walls and paint are holding up.      

When I was leaving the false religion,  I had a priest offer my child candy when he knew we considering leaving. Not a talk on religion with his mother or father present, but a Snickers bar. Stay with us, we have Snickers.

What Luther did to attempt to respond to the moral corruption of his mind and in his day, was to turn from sin to mental error.  He went from spoiled bread to spoiled meat. You can pick off mold and live, but poison meat can end your life.

This is what turning away from the true doctrine of the papacy does, for example.  It creates a new false religion. But error does not solve error.

False religions are poison meat and wine.  So many want to be in union with the partakers of the poison meat and wine; to be in union, union, union! But I eventually and finally asked myself, union with what? 

This unity includes – indeed relies upon-  assent to a plurality of beliefs, and therefore accepts no mandatory doctrine to be in union. This union includes influential people that love their supposed “pope” because they get to lay false claim to being “Catholic” and support error and sin, such as abortion up to birth. It also includes those who deny and defy the primacy of their pope, and the Primacy of Peter.

The right to life, to natural life, is a vital cause to fight. But what about the right to supernatural life? Why don’t we march for that? Spiritual abortion is even more grave.   

Did I want to be in spiritual union with those who commit infanticide, or deny the Primacy of Peter?   

If you know your Faith, and choose to be in spiritual union, through ceremonies and false doctrines which are condemned by the Church, accept Vatican II, or you believe all things to the letter, except deviate from the Primacy of Peter, (just that one bite)  how is that you will not then retire this mortal life in union with them, and the son of perdition?

In this man-made confusion, one might ask themselves this one question, am I responding to this mayhem out of fear, or out of love? The tears of Our Sorrowful Mother can wash away the errors in our minds. Praying in honor of her Seven Sorrows can bring lights of wisdom to the truly humble of heart, her lost children.

Or, do I love God more than man, and more than my own emotional comfort? Am I willing to chance my soul on the Truth and the One who gave it to us,  died and resurrected, in order to prove His Testimony was true? Do I avoid researching the doctrine of the Primacy of Peter? Do I refuse my intellect to inquire seriously into whether the correct response to this apostasy is sede vacantism?  Could we be in the time of the abomination of desolation? Do I act out of habit, sloth or fear of my brother’s threat of going to hell – so instead, I don’t even look at the possibility that I have missed something? Have I done all that much research, in prayer and tears?

These wise kings bent their minds to accept that the world’s King was a baby laying in a bed of hay. What do I have in the way of intellect, over them? Their piety and humility gave them a nimble mind, capable of following the star in the east and grasping the holy mystery of the Infant King. 

Or, do I park my car in the usual parking lot on Sunday, when I know this assembly declares itself unified with spiritual perpetrators, conspiring that the Truth be bound, twisted, shackled? 

Membership in these unholy unions having been established throughout life, it could be too late to renounce this unity after death. Unity with man, or unity with God. Which do you choose? There is unity in the criminal street gang and in a pack of wild dogs.  Not all unity is holy. 

Holy Mary and St. John the Apostle, stood almost alone at the foot of the cross. They were a true “minority” not in union with the temple priests and majority who shouted “crucify Him!” Mary’s Son was (wrongly) convicted of blasphemy, and looked upon as a heretical malefactor by the temple leaders and the majority assembled at the Passion. The majority and their leaders did not use their intellects humbly and wisely, and they were wrong. They did not turn to holy Mary, seeking Truth in humility, as did the wise kings. 

May you choose your union, through and with, the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Holy Mary. 

Pray for us, Oh Holy Mother, that we may be made worthy to dry your tears, see the star in the east, and hear the Truth for which your Son came into the world.


Giving Thanks

It is the time of year, in the US, that we cook (fry, smoke, etc.) the turkey, gather with family (if you have any nearby) and feast, nap, and typically watch football. It is an American Tradition! What usually is missing from this day is a quiet reflection on what we are thankful for.

I do remember a time growing up where we gathered as a family, and all said what we are thankful for. Usually, this was right before we said the “blessing” and ate, so everyone was very quick to throw something out there so we can get to the food.

This isn’t a bad thing, but I’m reminded it is little to nothing in the grand scheme of things. This thought, of course, brought to mind the subtle reality of just how much we owe to God and just how little we return thanks.

I started this year apart from God. I started this year in a false religion, a false faith, false sacraments, and I started this year with the intellectual pride that I knew better than the Popes, the Magisterium, and the Saints and what they taught. I started this year on the road to hell due to pride.


God, our Merciful, Kind, Benevolent, Faithful, and Tender Lord had mercy. Our Lady, through countless rosaries, said so badly, kept on praying for me. St. Philomena, our family patroness took pity on us and through the intercessions of the saints, angels and our immaculate Mother, God gave me and my family the gift to accept the Truth and to accept the Faith as it once was delivered.

I’m thankful that the Gates of Heaven have been opened. I am grateful that I know the sacraments I partake in are valid. I’m thankful that I can receive the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, of our Blessed Lord at Mass.

I’m thankful that the Spirit of God has been given to me in Confirmation. I’m grateful for the few but faithful priests that travel all over, get very little to no sleep, that never stop just to provide us with the sacraments of our Faith.

This year, I could thank God for where I live, the home I have, the profession I am in, the income I have, the friend I have, and I should do so, but in reality, all of that is destined for burning.

The only thing that really matters is Our Lord Has shown Mercy. For that, I will praise the Lord and try my best for the rest of my life here on earth (and through God’s mercy hopefully one day in heaven) to give him a worthy return for all of the benefits he has bestowed upon me.

So I challenge you to take a moment today and say a prayer. Offer a rosary intention for those that don’t have the Faith and pray that they, too, may receive the grace to return to the Father.

Finally, never forget to return thanks for the Faith that you have been given and never do anything that might jeopardize it.

Maiden Mother

Today I’m excited to announce the addition to the ranks of bloggers on this site. Lynn Biehl is going to be sharing with the audience some of her thoughts on what is going on now and has gone on for some time within the church and some commentary on it. In time, she will reveal more about herself, and I will leave that to her, but for now, just enjoy the article she wrote for this blog.

— The Editor


Good friends, let me introduce myself, as a friend on the Way of the Cross. I pray you to accompany the Maiden and Mother of all, Holy Mary, on the Holy Way.

Consider this humbling reality:  We are children. Children of Holy Mary, and children of the Church.

What a pearl it is, Our Holy Mother the Church. [1]: The truth taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ, is brought to us through the Church. [2] This spotless Bride of the Lamb, is the one and only Church. There is no other.

As children, we are like the new spring bird in need of the mouth of God, and The Sacramental nourishment. Our need to stay in the nest made for us by Holy Mother Church is equally great. We are little children in need of our Mother the Church, to teach, rule and sanctify her little children in grace.

So much is this true, that it is written in our hearts from creation. Our intellect and will are made to seek out and conform to the Truth which the Church teaches.  Just as a worldly mystery compels us to uncover what is hidden, so too, our minds are ordered to Truth, and relieved by meditating on the holy mysteries.

Therefore, in these times of uncertainty, being the little children of the Church, maybe we are asking:  where is the Church?  Where is my mother?

When not on our knees, with beads in hand, or when we are not working our duty of state, are you reluctantly discovering the latest news of desolation in  Rome?

Do you find that those who are so sure about how to respond to the desolation in the See of Peter , and speak so clearly in Truth, often sound angry, or worse yet, sarcastic?

I am learning this: Everyone grieves differently. Some people need to defend the Church with sharp verbal instruments. This eases the pain.  It is the duty of every Catholic to defend the Church. Doing this unhappy task often works good out of evil, and aims to fortify with strong medicine, the malignant infection of sins in the mind. The seemingly gentle word “error” must be corrected.

Others, need to weep privately.

I probably vacillate between these two types.  But, what I do know is that the Maiden Mother has reason to weep torrents of tears for her children, in her family the  Church.  And, in response to sin, I do not want to commit sin.

How could I dare to bring this Maiden a single more tear, with neither a rash remark, murmur or detraction.

There is an anecdote and vaccine for the spiritual plague we are in: prayer, meditation and fasting, according to one’s state under the care of a trusted spiritual advisor, if you can find one.

But there lies the problem, you say. Where – you might be asking, shall we attend the Holy Sacrifice of Calvary? Shall we be in union with these Roman soldiers doing the bidding of Ciaphas, cohorts of Judas?

Idols on the Vatican lawn, a synod of dogmatic desecration, married priests, ecology sins. What next?  What happened to the comical truism:  Is the  “Pope Catholic”?

So now what?

Do you currently accompany the holy Virgin, with prayer beads in hand, asking for her heart, meek and mild, and for her intellect and will to seek Truth Incarnate? At times in this calamity for souls, do you feel incapable of being meek and mild, like this astounding Maiden and Mother was, in the face of so much suffering she endured? She suffered much more than we ever could, in the purity of her Immaculate Heart. Yet, she is ever so lovingly full of sentiment to console us in grace.

When you can  move away from grief and shock from the latest debacle in Rome, will you not trace the steps of time with this Maiden and Mother, and go back to the Temple with her? Because, the Child Jesus seems to have disappeared and Truth seems to have gone missing.  He was somehow lost and left behind, like the Third Sorrow of the Blessed Virgin.

We need our Mother and Queen, in order to suffer this cross rightly, as with  any cross. The Beads (Rosary) and Stations (of the Cross), these are light-posts in order to find the Child Jesus lost in the Temple, and to understand who His true friends are, and are not.

I wonder why, when Jesus went missing, the search went back to the place of the Temple. Why didn’t Holy Mary and Joseph go forward, in case Jesus had gone ahead in conformity to the direction of the multitude?  Or, why not search laterally, as if He had wondered off course?

Why did the Holy Virgin and St. Joseph refuse to remain in the comfort of  their kin and crowd, in the hopes their Divine Child would find them soon enough? To ignore this loss and desolation when Jesus went missing, would have been reckless. To ignore that Truth Incarnate was missing among His own nation, and remain in a familiar place out of ease and comfort, would be not to love the Divine Child, but to love our temporal lives much more.

When Jesus was lost (or rather, when Mary and Joseph lost Him),  this spotless Maiden and Mother perhaps faced criticism for losing her Divine Son. Yet, she and St. Joseph chose to retrace their steps. They did not look to the future for the Truth, or in any other direction, than where He was last seen.

My friends, by now it is plain that I am writing neither a theological nor doctrinal commentary. Footnotes of reference are included where necessary,  simply as prompts to assist. The grace of the Maiden and Mother will move the intellect gently on its way to finding Truth, in the midst of desolation.

These times require no less than the advocate of sinners: our Maiden and Mother. This extraordinary Virgin and Queen, is the counselor for the children of Mother Church, the Church Militant, the Church she co-founded with Our Redeemer.

What is it like when mother and child lose each other?

In the natural order of things, a mother whose child is missing or gone,  is a mother par excellence. She is sublime and beautiful, when suffering this loss.  Why? because then, she has the chance to imitate and share in the life of Holy Mary.

To such a suffering mother, the joys and sorrows of motherhood are one in the same.  Each draws out her motherhood, like the high and low tide of the sea.

Our Blessed Lady, and particularly her Son, sanctified motherhood, both joys and sufferings, in the life of Our Redeemer. As mother, she is the Co-Mediatrix in the economy of grace.

In these days of grief and confusion, the desolation is truly the alter ego of  abomination.[3]  But, be the cheerful giver.  Be like the Fatima children,  who are said to have danced in jail for having witnessed the apparitions of our Mother. Not so long after, they were rewarded for their cheerfulness, by seeing the sun dance back at them .

Rest assured that Christ is truly at the Head, even when the Church is suffering the beheaded crown of martyrdom. A family without a visible head, is still a family.  Holy saint Philomena was beheaded for Christ’s sake, She not only still exists, but exists in eternity in Heaven.  Since the Church is the very source of sanctity,  is it fitting to likewise lose its visible head, like so many in the glory of the Church Triumphant?

Therefore, do not become depressed, children of Mary. With Mary, our Defender is at hand. Wait on Him and thankfully offer Him your broken heart or confusion as an evening  sacrifice. It is your royal crown.  And in your mind’s eye, gaze at the Precious Blood-soaked feet, and hold them as the bridal in this perilous race to eternity. These feet bleed for your sake, so do not loosen your grip.

Until then, walk the Stations and keep company with the Maiden and Mother.

Recently,  I have seen two women who have lost their sons. One is walking the Stations of the Cross with Holy Mary, because she knows of the Maiden and Mother of our holy Faith. The other has never learned of the holy company sharing her grief.

In the Stations, the solution to all the problems of the world, be they temporal or spiritual, are fixed in time, and solved for eternity.

Check back soon, and until then, in the words of  St, Louis DeMontort, I remain,

Very truly yours,

A Friend of the Cross.*

Oh Sweet St. Philomena pray for us!


[1] “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like to a merchant seeking good pearls. Who when he had found one pearl of great price, went his way, and sold all that he had, and bought it?” Matthew 13: 45-46.

[2] (The Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism, Lesson 1, Q6, Catholic Book Publishing Corp.NJ).

[3] “When therefore for you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that breadth let him understand. Matthew 24:15 Douay Rheims Version. (DRV).For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets.” Matthew 24:24.

Abomination: extremely disgusting. Desolation: complete ruin. Websters.

[4] Denzinger, Sources of Catholic Dogma, 2288, Mystici Corporis June 29, 1943, citing Divinum illud, Leo XIII: Let it suffice to state, this, as Christ is the Head of the Church, the Holy Spirit is her Soul.


The Hands That Bring You Jesus

I have always found a lot of food for thought in contemplating hands: specifically, the hands of Christ. There are entire devotions devoted to the wounds of Christ, but for some reason, the hands of Christ have always fascinated me.  

The hands that gave blessings, that washed feet, that healed the sick, and were willingly laid out on wood and pierced all because Jesus desired to obey His Father and, simply put, loved me – and you – so much.  

They remind me much of the hands of an older woman; A grandmother that has given her life to serve her family. They are old and wrinkled. You will find evidence of scars, burns, bruises, and they aren’t really pretty anymore, but they also speak of a life of service.  

Christ’s hands weren’t worn out over 80 years of being on this earth. The 33 years were enough, and the passion itself was the final evidence of his supreme love and life of service for poor sinners. If we lift our eyes off of this world and behold the pierced hands, the hands that are full of life, of healing, and see them dripping with blood, blood that has purchased our salvation – we begin to glimpse just how precious the hands of Jesus are.  

In this same vein, the hands of those that are ordained are precious as well. In yesteryear, the faithful would kiss the hands of their Priest when they met. It wasn’t just the padre pio’s that have born the wounds of Christ visible, Catholics everywhere recognized just how special the gift of ordination was and what it truly meant. This sacrament was something that truly set these men apart spiritually and physically, and it had very real ramifications on how they were to be treated and reverenced. 

I was reminded of all of this yesterday. We invited our Priest over for an afternoon of southern food (it is our duty to fatten them up you know…), but prior to our feasting, we were privileged to have Mass celebrated at our home. This wasn’t the first time. In fact, it has occurred several times, and we are always excited and honored that we are able to do this. 

When you stop and consider what is going on – it is just such a special treat. Our Lord, Jesus, is shortly going to be in my home in a very real and visible way. My home is going to be a special place set apart for the Lord. The King is coming for a visit.  

It is a grand and humbling thought. It is also such an exciting thought. While many people would think of this as the King is coming – rolling out the red carpet – extra cleaning – making sure everything is in perfect order – and this is a good thought and thing to do, my mind wasn’t really going in that direction.  

I likened it to when Jesus went to visit His friends, Sts. Mary Magdalen, Martha and Lazurus. We honor our King, but we relish that this King is also our Particular Friend. Our Friend, our Saviour, our Favorite, our delight was soon to be amongst us and who brings Him: our Priest.  

What a special privilege priest have; They bring Jesus with them. What great company priest have and what a joy it is that they can bring our beloved to us.  

So what has all of this to do with hands?

Ever since the time I started attending a Latin Mass, I always have had younger kids. Most of my time at Mass has been spent making sure the kids are behaving. If you have younger ones, you know how difficult it is. “Don’t touch your sibling.” “Sit up straight.” “No, you can’t go to the bathroom.” “Stop squirming.” You get the idea…  

Thankfully, I now have many older kids (who can also help with the younger ones), so I was almost left alone during Mass. I was able to observe the hands of our Priest during Mass – the very same hands that were bringing our best Friend to us to both see Him and to receive Him. 

I have never served at Mass before – so this was the first time I was able to observe all of the rubrics up close. As I watched him go through the actions to confect the sacrament, I couldn’t help but envy him (in the best way). He holds power to bring Christ our Savior down – to hold Him physically in his hands and to give life to those that will receive Him. 

What struck me the most was the particular care in which Christ is reverenced on the Altar by the Priest. I never knew just how much time and care was taken to make sure not one piece; not one small particle was left. The linen is scraped as if someone was looking for the only thing that would save his life. I have never seen such care in my life. Excessive? No, not in the least.  

This speaks to what our Holy Mother the Church has decreed about Christ being truly present on the Altar. Our Church has commanded her sons to not just be careful, but to treat it as if a life is at stake. The holy hands of our Priest are making sure that the King will not be left to be mistreated, to be abused, to be ignored and that a sacrilege can not occur.

Throughout the Mass, the highest respect, reverence, and care is called for by the rubrics to be sure that Christ is honored, and that those that aren’t Priest – the laity – know by the rubrics that we, as Catholics, believe in transubstantiation. This didn’t happen by accident. Our Holy Mother the Church has faithfully passed down the Mass since the beginning. Our Church has faithfully guarded the Mass so that the average person in the pew will always know that Christ is with us.  

You see, only the Priest has this special gift. Only he can bring Christ to us. Through the gift of ordination, these hands are now different. They are set apart. They and they alone are fit and worthy to handle the most precious body and blood of Our Lord. 

I recall a story that encouraged Archbishop Sheen to spend 1 hour each day before our Lord In Adoration, and I will include it below then draw this post to a close. 


The narrative that follows is an adaptation of the English translation of an unnamed priest’s first-hand account of the events that happened during the Communist takeover in China (presumably around 1949.

Uncertain times

When the Communists first came into town, the parish priest started to feel uneasy about his fate not knowing how the intruders would act. During each day that passed, he paid keen attention to every din or commotion that transpired outside the Church as he knelt in prayer inside. He was on edge expecting to be executed at any moment.

Just a day after the unwelcome band of soldiers arrived, someone paid him a visit. Thinking it was the police, he was struck with terror. Could this be his end? But contrary to his worst fears, the man at the door turned out to be cordial. As they conversed in Chinese, he was told to proceed with his daily routine. As they parted, his guest accepted a cigar, bowed and eventually left seemingly contented.

Days, weeks and months passed without any untoward incident. He would run into soldiers in the streets but they would only look at him with a straight, cold face but not without a dose of curiosity. Once, he felt perturbed when a certain inspector dropped by to see him. 

Turning the tables

One beautiful summer’s day, just when things seemed to be settling down, the dreadful gang of communists finally descended on the town to turn things upside-down. Four soldiers and the inspector unceremoniously barged into the Priest’s school house.

The inspector announced to the shocked schoolchildren that sweeping and drastic changes would be implemented from then on. In one fell swoop, the fearsome commander and his cohorts began tearing down the crucifix, holy pictures, blackboards and statues from the walls and laid them on the desks.

In a stentorian voice, he barked orders at the terrified children to put the articles in a box and to take them to the toilet while he threatened them with his handgun. In spite of the harsh treatment, the children resisted but eventually complied reluctantly. 

An icon of resistance

But deep back in the room, sat a little girl in her desk; unmoving, with hands folded, and lips tightly shut. As the inspector caught sight of her, he immediately rushed in her direction and shouted curses at her. Mad as hell, he threatened her, “Take this!” But the girl only looked down and hardly flinched thus sending the rest of the terrorized children to gawk with bated breath.

Amidst the ghastly silence, a shot rang out shattering glass and driving the children into tears and screams. The violent disturbance attracted curious townsfolk to gather in front of the school.

The inspector kept on shouting furiously. And yet the little girl remained silent, still frozen like a statue, a big tear rolling off her cheek. At the point of losing composure at the girl’s staunch yet quiet defiance, he turned his ire at the crowd and snapped, “Go find this girl’s father and bring the townspeople here in the church!” 

Desecration of the Hosts

As the Church filled with people, the little girl’s father was ushered in with hands bound behind his back and placed to the right of the communion rail. Immediately, the girl was forcefully shoved into the communion rail.

The inspector spoke to the crowd and mocked the people’s belief in the Real Presence. And in a malicious and sarcastic tone, he announced that they were tricked into believing that God is present in the tabernacle. In fact, he told them he and his gang of soldiers would stamp on the Hosts with their boots to show nothing would happen.

Then the soldiers rushed on to the tabernacle and forced it opened with their revolvers. The tense crowd watched in silent disbelief. The inspector seized the ciborium, took the lid off and scattered the Hosts on the sanctuary floor.

Egging on his soldiers, he ordered them to go and step on the Hosts. And without hesitation they carried out the dastardly act. Not content with that, he taunted the crowd, “Do you still believe in those fairytales your priest told you?”

Turning to the child’s father he asked him if he still believed. No sooner did the father say yes did the inspector order him to be hauled away.


A non-commissioned officer then entered the scene who spoke with the inspector. They reached an agreement and the inspector submitted to higher authority. The crowd was told to disperse leaving the little girl alone in the communion rail.

The soldiers incarcerated the Priest in the Church’s coal bin where a small opening allowed him to see the area of the sanctuary where the Hosts lay strewn on the floor as well as the little girl who was leaning on the wall.

A beautiful lady

While peering through the opening, the Priest saw a lovely young woman clad in beautiful garments enter and smile. As she hugged her, she said, “Poor child! Poor little one, what have these men done to you? Come with me. Will you?” The child broke into sobs and sought comfort in the woman’s arm and they left. 

Witnessing a marvel from his cell

As time went by, the Priest lost track of hours and days while imprisoned in the coal bin. He endured the stillness of the surroundings and at times he heard sounds he wasn’t used to. One morning, he heard the door open quietly. Through the little opening, the Priest saw the little Chinese girl sneaking ever so carefully into the sanctuary, kneeling and bowing in homage. As she lowered her head, she took a desecrated Host with her tongue. She raised her head, folded her hands, closed her eyes and prayed in silence. Several moments later, she arose and departed.

Every morning the Priest witnessed the uplifting scene that became a source of comfort inside the dark and somber environs of his makeshift prison cell. There he eagerly waited the break of dawn expecting to see the sweet, enchanting, little girl receive and adore the Host. Though it occurred many times, he couldn’t recall how often times she came to practice the soul-stirring daily ritual. 

A Heroic Death

But alas, the day of final reckoning arrived. As the little heroine went through her daily pious exercise one morning; knees bent, hands folded and absorbed in deep prayer, the church door behind her burst open. Tumultuous screams stirred the air and a shot rang out.

As the Priest hurriedly looked through his peephole, he saw the pallid little girl crawl agonizingly along the floor as she reached a Host to receive Holy Communion. When the soldier drew near to check on her, she tried in vain to pull herself up and to fold her hands. Instead she fell on her back and hit her head on the floor with a thud. The little Chinese girl-martyr lay dead motionless on the floor. For a moment, the soldier stood hesitant not knowing what to make of his deed and its fatal outcome. Finally, he turned around and stormed out of the Church.

Set free

The moving yet harrowing scene left the Priest in a state of shock. While he pondered on that painful experience, his prison door opened and the same soldier went in to announce that he was free to go.

Without any hesitation, he scampered towards the sanctuary to see the lifeless little girl. As he knelt besides her, the soldier approached him and uttered, “Sir, if in every town there was such a little girl, no soldier would ever fight for the Communists!”

Fortunately, the Priest still had time to give the little martyr a decent burial. As he left the cemetery and walked along the road, a man approached and invited him into his car. He dropped him off at the border.


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What a story – a true story of belief in the presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. What a story of love for Jesus, and I hope you noticed something. Even in that horrible environment, she refused to touch Our Lord with her hands. Such was the reverence, love, and devotion she had for our Lord she would only get on her knees and bow herself down to receive the Body of Our Lord with her tongue 

Why did she do this? She believed, and she wanted to protect our Lord from abuse. Our Holy Mother The Church has shown her the way, and even in those dire circumstances, she didn’t dare to pretend she had right to touch the Lord with her hands. 

This is the faith that was handed to us.  

So why bring all of this up?  

It is yet one more evidence that the novus order religion is not the Catholic Church. The Church can only bring us that which is Good. The Church can never – ever – approve of a rite that can lead us away from that which is Holy and God. The Church would never approve of a rite that devalues the sacrifice of the Mass. She would never approve of a rite that says the “priest is just a presider” and not make the central focus of the Mass the Emulation of Christ. 

Our Faith, Our religion, Our Church has spent 2,000 years living and dying to protect the Mass, protecting Christ in the sacrament so that no matter what, no sacrilege could ever occur. 

The novus ordo religion says I can receive Jesus in my hands. That is a lie from the pits of hell meant to send us to hell. If I can touch Jesus in the sacrament, if Priest aren’t special, then pretty soon no one believes in the real presence of Christ and that was the entire purpose of communion in the hands. 

Look around at those in the Novus Ordo – as a whole – they don’t believe anymore. 

The hands that bring us Jesus are special. They are ordained for that purpose. If I only had one reason for choosing the path that I have traveled and have accepted as true, namely, the sedevacantist position, this would have been enough right here.  

Any person that claims to be a pope, bishop, or a priest that tells us that we can do this – you can know for certain it didn’t come from God, and they are heretics that are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  

Union Of Our Will With God During Tribulations – St. Francis De Sales

PAINFUL things cannot indeed be loved when considered in themselves, but viewed in their source, that is, in the Divine Will and Providence which ordains them, they are supremely delightful.
Look at the rod of Moses upon the ground, and it is a hideous serpent; look upon it in Moses’s hand, and it is a wand of miracles. Look at tribulations in themselves, and they are dreadful; behold them in the will of God, and they are love and delights. How often have we turned in disgust from remedies and medicines when the doctor or apothecary offered them, which, being offered by some well-beloved hand (love surmounting our loathing), we receive with delight. In truth, love either takes away the hardship of labour, or makes it dear to us while we feel it.
It is said that there is a river in Bœotia wherein the fish appear golden, but taken out of those their native waters, they have the natural colour of other fishes: afflictions are so; if we look at them outside God’s will, they have their natural bitterness, but he who considers them in that eternal good-pleasure, finds them all golden, unspeakably lovely and precious. If Abraham had seen outside God’s will the necessity of slaying his son, think, Theotimus, what pangs and convulsions of heart he would have felt, but seeing it in God’s good-pleasure, it appears all golden, and he tenderly embraces it.
 If the martyrs had looked upon their torments outside this good-pleasure, how could they have sung, in chains and flames? The truly loving heart loves God’s good-pleasure not in consolations only but in afflictions also; yea, it loves it better upon the cross in pains and difficulties, because the principal effect of love is to make the lover suffer for the thing beloved.
The Stoics, especially good Epictetus, placed all their philosophy in abstaining and sustaining, bearing and forbearing; in abstaining from and forbearing earthly delights, pleasures and honours; in sustaining and bearing wrongs, labours and trials: but Christian doctrine, which is the only true philosophy, has three principles upon which it grounds all its exercises,—abnegation of self, which is far more than to abstain from pleasures, carrying the cross, which is far more than tolerating or sustaining it, following Our Lord, not only in renouncing our self and bearing our cross, but also in the practice of all sorts of good works. But at the same time there is not so much love shown in abnegation or in action, as in suffering.
The Holy Ghost in Holy Scripture certainly signifies the death and passion which our Saviour suffered for us, to be the highest point of his love towards us.
1. To love God’s will in consolations is a good love when it is indeed God’s will that is loved, and not the consolation which is the form it takes: however, this is a love without contradiction, repugnance and effort: for who would not love so worthy a will in so agreeable a form?
2. To love the will of God in his commandments, counsels and inspirations is a second degree of love, and much more perfect, for it leads us to the renouncing and quitting of our own will, and makes us abstain from and forbear some pleasures, though not all.
3. To love sufferings and afflictions for the love of God is the supreme point of most holy charity, for there is nothing therein to receive our affection save the will of God only; there is great contradiction on the part of nature; and we not only forsake pleasures, but embrace torments and labours.
 Our mortal enemy knew well what was love’s furthest and finest act, when having heard from the mouth of God that Job was just, righteous, fearing God, hating sin, and firm in innocence, he made no account of this, in comparison with bearing afflictions, by which he made the last and surest trial of the love of this great servant of God.
To make these afflictions extreme, he formed them out of the loss of all his goods and of all his children, abandonment by all his friends, an arrogant contradiction by his most intimate associates and his wife, a contradiction full of contempt, mockery and reproach; to which be added the collection of almost all human diseases, and particularly a universal, cruel, offensive, horrible ulcer over all his body.
And yet behold the great Job, king as it were of all the miserable creatures of the world, seated upon a dunghill, as upon the throne of misery, adorned with sores, ulcers, and corruption, as with royal robes suitable to the quality of his kingship, with so great an abjection and annihilation, that if he had not spoken, one could not have discerned whether Job was a man reduced to a dunghill, or the dunghill a corruption in form of a man.
Now, I say, hear the great Job crying out: If we have received good things from the hand of the Lord, why shall we not receive also evil? O God! How this word is great with love! He ponders, Theotimus, that it was from the hand of God that he had received the good, testifying that he had not so much loved goods because they were good, as because they came from the hand of the Lord; whence he concludes that he is lovingly to support adversities, since they proceed from the hand of the same Lord, which is equally to be loved when it distributes afflictions and when it bestows consolations.
Every one easily receives good things, but to receive evil is a work of perfect love, which loves them so much the more, inasmuch as they are only lovable in respect of the hand that gives them. The traveller who is in fear whether he has the right way, walks in doubt, viewing the country over, and stands in a muse at the end of almost every field to think whether he goes not astray, but he who is sure of his way walks on gaily, boldly, and swiftly: even so the love that desires to walk to God’s will through consolations, walks ever in fear of taking the wrong path, and of loving (in lieu of God’s good-pleasure) the pleasure which is in the consolation; but the love that strikes straight through afflictions towards the will of God walks in assurance, for affliction being in no wise lovable in itself, it is an easy thing only to love it for the sake of him that sends it.
The hounds in spring-time are at fault at every step, finding hardly any scent at all, because the herbs and flowers then smell so freshly that their odour puts down that of the hart or hare: in the spring-time of consolations love scarcely recognizes God’s good-pleasure, because the sensible pleasure of consolation so allures the heart, that it troubles the attention which the heart should pay to the will of God.
S. Catharine of Siena, having from our Saviour her choice of a crown of gold or a crown of thorns, chose this latter, as better suiting with love: a desire of suffering, says the Blessed (S.) Angela of Foligno, is an infallible mark of love: and the great Apostle cries out that he glories only in the cross, in infirmity, in persecution.
Treatise on the Love of God ~ St. Francis De Sale ~ Page 275-277