More Good Traditional Catholic News

I went to the small town up the hill from Malinalco, (San Nicholas), and a lady came up to me and told me that her husband was one of the people I prayed for in the Hospital and was now home.  She took me over to her house to pray with him and he is so so happy to be home again and getting well.  He told me his 4 year old grandson had been crying and crying for his Grandpa to come home.  Of course I tell his family to live a holy Catholic life.  His wife brought out his Bible to show me that he reads the Bible.

IMG_3944Today I went to pray with this fourteen year old girl, whom I talked about yesterday.  She is doing so much better.  Still weak, but feels so much stronger.  Again thank you for all your prayers for these sick people.

IMG_3951Margarita has Parkinson’s Disease

Last night I went to visit and pray with a man who is depressed and sick, (Rogelio).  His dad was killed when a truck hit him in December.  He told me he misses his dad so so much.  I am going to hear his confession to.

Also, last night a couple came asking me to go bless there business property.  But I told them I would not do it if they do not live a holy Catholic life.  So we went over it all and they want to do everything correct.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have the power of the traditional Sacraments, prayers and Holy Water.

Traditional Catholic Happiness, Catechism Of Trent

Here is a great simple truth to live by found in the Catechism of Trent.

trento.jpgNo greater happiness can befall the faithful in this life than to have their souls distracted by no worldly cares, the unruly desires of the flesh tranquilized and restrained, and the mind fixed on the practice of piety and the contemplation of heavenly things. Catechism of Trent. pg. 362

coucil of trentWe are so blessed to be able to reach happiness God’s way as traditional Catholics.

Third World Is Hard To Live In

Since I have been here in Malinalco, my time has been consumed in the Long Latin Breviary, the Holy Latin Mass, hearing confessions, visiting the sick and blessing homes where there have been strange things happening.

IMG_3898The other time has been to try to get the very old golf cart going, the 1991 Chevy Cavalier going and the 1980 mercedes going.  My parents left these cars here to get around with. They continue to break down one after another.  They are left here un-used while I am in the United States, so they fall apart.  There is one auto parts store in the town.  They have some parts and can order other parts.  It takes 2 days to a week for a part to come in.  I waited to get a part for two days and the part never came in.  Most of the people have old junky cars and some how they keep them going.  We are so blessed in the US to be able to get parts easily.

IMG_3793Here at my house the water only comes every other day.  In the small town, up the hill, they only get water every third day.  My water ran out the other day, but thank God I have another small holding tank and I pump it up to the tank so that I have a little water.  But this water is dirty water and contaminates the water tank.  I am going to put bleach in it.

Right now I am getting around on foot or the community taxis where everyone jumps into them and gets out where they want to be left off on the taxis’ route.

Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary_stained glassWe are so blessed to have so much.  We need to be very thankful for all we have, especially spiritual riches that come from being traditional Catholics.

Good Traditional Catholic News

No, the pope has not converted.  Let us keep praying for that miracle.  But when I went to the hospital in Tenancingo and prayed and heard confession for all the sick people, God really worked.  Yesterday, the lady, Maria America was able to come home.  She told me that many of the people I prayed for were released from the hospital.

Scan 27Modernist who persecuted the Catholics in Mexico using the Church for a dining room

One man, whose picture I did not put on the blog, had been in the hospital for 3 months and had had his leg amputated.  I asked him what a the worse problem he had, he said boredom.  He went home after the prayers.  I am sure many of you prayed for these sick people and that that helped them get better too.  Thank you.

Today I went to see more sick people, one 14 year old girl who all of a sudden got sick.  Her godmother came to get me.  She had come yesterday, but I could not go because I had to give a class to parents and godparents for the First Holy Communion children.

jimlersch_eucharist800Nevertheless, she stayed for the Latin mass in my small chapel.  Again, she said that she had never felt so much peace.  She came today to take me to see the sick girl with another woman.  They both had dresses below the knees.  I thanked them for their modesty and they said that my words had touched their hearts and that they want to live according to how God wants, not the world.

Last night at the parents and godparents class, I went over all the same things I always go over.  God’s Commandments are laws of LOVE because He does not want us to get hurt.  About Television taking away their children’s innocence.  Cell phones that parents pay for are what boys use to look at pornography.  Modesty and dressing like the Virgin Mary. Enough money comes for those who love God without working of Sunday.  Children are the greatest gift that God can give to anyone, so never use birthcontrol.  Take time to go to Mass, no matter how horrible the priest may be.

IMG_7398Today I heard more terrible things about a priest who just left this town and would not allow me to have the Latin Mass.  The bishops and priests are so against the Latin Mass, yet they allow terrible immoral activity by priests.  Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

Mike, who has been helping me here in Malinalco, said his wife just told him that one of the main bosses behind the kidnapping here in Mexico was caught in Tenancingo where we went to the hospital.  She is afraid something will happen to him.  That is where the bishop lives who is in charge of Malinalco.  Could not these bishops allow a priest to say the Latin Mass, when so much evil is going on here in Mexico?

We traditional Catholic will just keep on speaking the truth and helping a few people at a time.  The godmother who came to get me took me to her house to bless it.  Her two young sons are architects.  As a single mother, she helped them get ahead.  I showed them all about my blog and about traditional Catholicism.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know God’s TRUTH and LOVE.

Traditional Catholic Minor And Major Orders

In the Latin Catholic Breviary we read on the feast of St. Pope Soter (174), had instituted (or the Church already had) the 4 Minor Orders and the 3 Major Orders that ended in Holy Priesthood.  These Orders have been maintained by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, Institute of Christ the king and some other traditional Catholic orders under Rome.

sevenorderssc11For 1800 years this was the process to be ordained to the Holy Priesthood.  It was not until 1972 the the minor orders were changed into ‘ministries’ and only retaining those of ‘Lector and Acolyte’.  The Major Orders were reduced to only that of deacon and priesthood.

Before this, the process to the Holy Order of priesthood was a very long and holy process.

‘The ministry of so sublime a priesthood being a thing all divine, it is but befitting its worthier and more reverent exercise that in the Church’s well-ordered disposition there should be several different orders of ministers destined to assist the priesthood by virtue of their office — orders arranged in such a way that those who have already received clerical tonsure should be raised, step by step from the lower to the higher order.’  Council of Trent, Sess. xxiii. De Ord. c. 2.

The first was Tonsure.  It was not an order, but a preparation for orders.  Like exorcism is given in preparation for Baptism, the Tonsure is given in preparation for the priesthood by having your hair cut in a form of a crown and signified a man wanting to devote himself to the sacred ministry.  This is when a young man became a cleric.

Then came the Non-Sacred or Minor Orders: Porter, Reader, Exorcist and Acolyte.  After these 4 Minor Orders came the 3 Major Orders: Subdeacon, Deacon and the Holy Priesthood.

Minor Orders

Porter has the responsibility of guarding the church building and making sure that no one disturbed the priest while he was offer the Sacred Liturgy.  His symbol was keys.

‘Let your conduct be that of one who has to render to God an account of those things that are kept under these keys.’

Reader was to read in church in a clear and distinct voice from the Old and New Testament, especially those which are read during the Nocturnal Office or Psalmody.  He was also to teach the fundamentals of the Catholic faith.

‘Take, and be you an announcer of the Word of God; if you faithfuly and profitably discharge your office, you shall have a part with those who from the beginning have well ministered the Word of God.’

Michael Archangel_and the Devil_RAFFAELLO SanzioExorcist is given power to invoke the name of the Lord over those who are possessed by unclean spirits.

‘Take and commit to memory, and have the power of imposing hands over the possessed, whether baptized or catechumen.’

Acolyte has the duty to attend and serve the ministers who are in Major Orders in the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.  They are called candle-bearers and take care of the lights and empty cruets during the Holy Mass.

‘Receive this candle-stick and candle, and remember that hence forth you are given the charge of lighting the candles of the church in the name of the Lord.  Receive these cruets to supply wine and water for the Eucharist of Christ’s blood, in the name of the Lord.

Major Orders

Subdeacon is the first of the sacred orders.  He is to serve the Deacon at the Altar.  He prepares the altar-linen, vessels, host and wine for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  He presents the water to the Bishop or priests to wash his hands.  He reads the Epistle and guards the celebrant from being disturbed during any sacred ceremony.

Here is when the Bishop warns him of his obligation to live in perpetual continence.  At his ordination, he receives the chalice and sacred paten from the bishop to show he will serve the deacon.  He also receives cruets filled with water and wine with a basin and towel to wash and dry the hands.

‘See what sort of ministry is entrusted to you: I admonish you, therefore, to show yourself worthy to please God.  Receive the book of the Epistles, with the power to read them in the Holy Church of God, as well for the living as for the dead.

Deacon is the second degree of Sacred Orders.  His duties are to be always at the side of the bishop, guard him while he preaches, serve him and the priest during the celebrations of the Sacraments.  He is also who reads the Gospel during the Sacrifice of the Mass.  He reminded people to be attentive during the holy mysteries.  He also administrated the Precious Blood in areas of the world that the faithful received the Eucharist under both species.  He was also to distribute the Church’s goods to the needy.  He also was the eyes of the bishop to see if the faithful were living good and holy lives.  He would read out the list of the catecumens and present them to the bishop those who were to be admitted to holy orders.  He was able to read the Gospel from the pulpit only if the Bishop or priest was not present.

In his ordination there is the imposition of hands, prayers, sacred vestments and receiving of the book of the Gospels.

‘Receive the power to read the Gospel in the Church of God, both for the living and the dead, in the name of the Lord.’

holy_orders_pictureThe highest degree of Sacred Orders in the priesthood.  There is the Internal Priesthood and the external priesthood.  The internal priesthood is what all people, (the faithful), are given at baptism.  The External Priesthood is only given to men who have been ordained and consecrated to God by the lawful imposition of hands and by the solemn ceremonies of the Catholic Church through the bishop.  This is Holy Order of the Priesthood.

‘Receive the power to offer the Sacrifice to God, and to celebrate Masses, both for the living and the dead.’

‘Receive the Holy Ghost; whose sins you shall forgive they are forgiven them, and whose sins you shall retain they are retained.’  (John 20:22)

It is a terrible thing that 1800 years of Catholic tradition has been thrown out and only the diaconate and the priesthood have been maintained.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and are able to remind all Catholic of the terrible atrocities that have taken place since Vatican II.  We know that the Church was not wrong for 1800 years.  The Church has gotten it wrong in the last 43-44 years.  Look at the fruits of what has happen.

Is It Worth Sharing Traditional Catholicism?

Continue to visit many Mexicans families, blessing their homes, praying for the sick and hearing their confessions will never be able to go to the Holy Latin Mass.  (That is all the time when I am not offering it here in my tiny chapel at my house.  I wonder what I can do to help them at least have an introduction to what pleases God so much.Estandarte

In spite of this reality, I continue to explain to them the difference.  The reason I do this is that for many years I offered the mass in Spanish here and they all want that again.  But I tell them that ‘only if I am obliged by my parish’ will I offer the New Mass.  Then I tell them that the pastor here in Malinalco will not allow me to offer the Latin Mass.

Then they ask me the difference between the two masses.  I begin to explain that the Holy Mass is really the Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross offered for our sins and to give us graces through His Body and Blood to be holy people.

A doctor who is helping at the Buen Samaritano Hospital was very interested in everything I had to say about the Latin Mass.  The Sisters are not interested.  They are kind charitable nuns helping the poor.  But, because of their training, they are not interested in learning about what pleases God in the case of liturgy.  Everywhere they go, it is totally the correct thing to do, the New Mass, period.  There is no other reality.

IMG_3876Doctor Guillermo and two of the Sisters of the Buen Samaritano

Doctor Guillermo is very interested because he wants to be holy and trust a priest who tells it like it is.  When you give the facts; Latin Mass 1800 years old, New Mass 44 years old, holy intelligent people listen.  When you tell them that Mary is at the foot of the cross at the Holy Mass and that it is a sacrifice on Calvary, it touches them.  Mass is not a social.  When you tell them that the Holy Mass is to give back an hour to God in the form that pleases Him and not all about what I want and what I like or what I understand, holy people listen and want to learn more.  IMG_3865

I continue to go have many people coming to me for confession and to talk to me about their problems.  I continue to be taken everywhere to pray with the sick.  Everywhere I go I continue to share traditional Catholic morals and modesty.  When visiting the sick, I ran into a young woman in a long skirt.  I assumed that she was not a Catholic.  I approached her and congratulated her on her modesty.  I asked if she was protestant and she said yes.  I told her I admired her way of dressing and asked her to be open to the truth that is found in the Catholic faith.  I told her where I lived.  It was a beautiful exchange of respect.  I have still had no time to rest.  IMG_3862

It is so so wonderful being a traditional Catholic and to have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass along with all the other treasures from heaven.

Traditional Catholic Frustration

It can be absolutely overwhelming entering into any Catholic Church for the new mass.  My friend invited me to his son’s baptism here in the parish of Malinalco.  During the mass, women all dressed alike in tight pants and in white tops were the ‘liturgy helpers’.  They did the reading and at the time of the consecration stand with candles near the altar.  Almost all of the women in the church were also in tight pants.  Those, who after mass had their children baptized, were even dressed worse.  The priest had everyone clap after the baptism.

IMG_7372After mass and baptism I went to talked to two of the priests.  One I have known for 30 years.  The other one is new.  As I approached, I ran into my neighbor.  She said: ‘I have really bad news.  The pastor will not allow you to offer the Latin Mass in the neighborhood chapel.  She was so depressed and could not understand.  I was not surprised at all.  She is helping the pastor with the youth and thought he would say yes.

After the baptism we went to the Fiesta.  There were a lot of people drinking too much and women terribly immodest.  I was asked to bless the food and I just tried to be kind to everyone who was there.  How do you fit in?  What do you say?   I just stayed enough time to eat and then told everyone good by.  I tried to be the presence of Christ in this party environment.

IMG_8228People, from all over the pueblo, continue to keep coming to go to confession or for the Latin Mass.  But I am afraid the priests will get angry.  I am not inviting them, they just hear that I am in town and keep coming.

What is so so frustrating is that you want to help people, but because you are traditional, most of the bishops and priests are against you.  And then you see the horrible condition that the Catholics are in and you wonder, ‘What can I do?’  ‘Don’t they see?’IMG_8224

I redundantly ask myself, ‘What is so horrible about traditional Catholicism, traditional modesty and traditional morals?  Isn’t there something worse that the bishops and priests can be worried about?

Meanwhile, I just keep on hearing confessions, praying for the sick, giving counsel to the lost and offering my private Holy Latin Mass.  All I can say, over and over again, is thanks be to God we are traditional Catholics and are trying to live lives pleasing to God.Cura de ZapotlanThis priest really paid a high price for being a traditional Catholic priest during the Cristero persecution.  All we can do is help one soul at a time, starting with being careful I do not fall into sin and go to hell.

Traditional Catholic Priest Visits Hospital In Mexico

A friend of mine, Maria America, is in the hospital at Tenancingo Edo de Mex.  Her husband Angel asked me to go to visit her.  Mike, Angel and two young friends went with me.  We had to get there before visiting hours ended in 1 hour.

We filled a taxi and took off for the 45 minute trip praying the Holy Rosary.  Half way there, the taxi had a flat tire and the spare was out of air.  IMG_3898We were running out of time.  I flagged down a small Toyota pickup who allowed us to sit in the back. IMG_3900 They were so kind as to even take us right to the hospital.  We made it in time.IMG_3904

As soon as I entered into the hospital, because I am in my cassock, people began to ask me to go pray for their sick relatives.  There was a woman who was gravely ill and I heard her confession.  The daughter went to confession too.  IMG_3906This young man went to confession too.

It was very sad seeing so many sick people, but it was so profound seeing all the people having faith in the prayers of a priest.

IMG_3905Maria America is a woman I have known for some time now.  She had a brain tumor removed in Dec.  Then she had her appendix removed.  Now she lost her strength in her legs.  But she is getting better.IMG_3902

Talking to her, she has truly become a Catholic Christian.  She understood everything I talked about.  She is already living a life as Jesus wants.  Many people know her and I am telling them all to learn from her.  Her husband too has really converted too.

Isn’t it interesting we need to go through a great deal of suffering or sickness to be able to convert to true Catholics.

This morning a the grandma, the daughter and the granddaughter came looking for me.  The granddaughter has some spirit coming around her for a long time.  It has even caused the furniture in the house to shake.

After a long time of explaining what it means to be Catholic, (go to mass every Sunday, no sex, dress modestly, no work on Sunday, no bad music, TV or movies), I invited her to go to confession.  But she said she would think about it.  And she is right.  You cannot just say OK without being willing deep in your soul to stop sinning.

I told her to listen to the good that is deep in her soul and not to the 3 enemies, the devil, the flesh and the world.  I said that God probably has a special mission for her, but the devil doesn’t want her to accomplish it.

Her parents do not go to mass every Sunday, even though they try to live good lives.  But I explained to the mother that her daughter was not protected because her father is not being the spiritual protector of the family by missing Sunday mass.

The grandma was a good Catholic and understood what I said.  She probably is 80 years old.  I told the mother and daughter that they would miss the holiness of the grandmother after she died.  These holy old women are not appreciated until they die.  Then the whole family usually separates and there is no one to pray for them.  crucifix

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have the whole truth and God’s protection from the devil by all of the sacramentals we correctly believe in, (The crucifix, Holy Water, St, Benedict’s medal and the scapular.